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Top 5 female dominated Kpop groups 2019

Do you know which rookie girl group Kpop will be crowned in 2019? Does the group like Blackpink, Twice, Red velvet still receive the support of a large audience? Let's find out interesting information through the article below to know more clearly!

Launched in 2016, BLACKPINK is a notable name because it is an equal group in both talent and appearance. Besides, bringing a unique style has helped BLACKPINK blow new wind into the Korean music scene saturated with innocent style girls, cute or sexy, sexy.


Although the number of YG girl group's comeback and the debut is super small, however, every new product launch is of course that the female group received the attention from many Kpop fans, the last time. This is the hit version of DDu-Du DDu-Du. So, it is not difficult to understand when the BLACKPINK quickly became one of the three most influential 3rd generation female groups in the present.

Although there are many successes, one thing is very strange is that BLACKPINK is always predicted to be a group with "low life". Besides a series of reasons related to the agency, the rumors of Jennie solo also made fans more confident in the group's decline.

Since YG pushed Jennie enthusiastically, ignoring the other members until she expressed her boredom in group activities, ... From here, Kpop fans are also "more rigorous" with the other 3 members, causing the group to always be covered in seal days connecting the seals.

Moreover, if it is true that the fact that YG will promote each member's solo activities next year also makes the group's activities become smaller and smaller, the current top female group title of Gen 3 is also difficult. holding. For a variety of reasons, by this time, fans were more anxious and contemplating about this prediction. After many millimeters of standard prophecies, what will be the outcome of this prediction?

Going back to the top 5 that KPOP PREDICTIONS offers, TWICE, RED VELVET - the current two girl groups are also on this list (TWICE - rank 2, RED VELVET - rank 5). However, the most unexpected thing is that these two groups are not in the highest position but are "blocked" by rookie groups and two "unknowns" from SM Entertainment and YG Entertainment.

As expected, in 2019, besides debuting male group Treasure Box, will YG also release a female girlgroup (Future 2NE1 project)? Not only that, according to the prediction, the group will have a big debut and the name quickly pops up, the success is predicted equally to the BLACKPINK older sister?

Besides, PRISTIN is surprising when it is ranked 3rd in this list. It can be seen, this girlgroup has always been predicted to be forgotten as soon as the previous senior After School. Will next year, what will Pledis do to make a group of less-interested people in the current top group girl top quickly?


The most notable point here is the usurpation of the new SM girl group, it is said that the group will have an attractive charm, surpassing TWICE to become the top 3 generation girl group at that time. Many people are curious and interested in this new girl group, whether RED VELVET's "younger sister" is attractive, it can quickly defeat TWICE - the national girl group with popularity and digital music achievements. , an extremely hard disk that boy group must be shy at the present.

Hoping this prediction has given you use references, don't be discouraged to find your idol absent. Maybe they are preparing you for the upcoming plan to be more considerate. Please look forward to the surprises in the coming time of rookie Kpop girl groups

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