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Enjoy your free time with Love Story Games on Android

Love Story Games is a game that simulates a novel love theme. If you ever loved High School Crush - My First Love and Romantic Love, this game is the one that you can't miss. Besides this romantic game, if you also want to work out for your brain, it's a good idea to come to These best puzzle games on Android will surely bing you joy, guarantee
From the producer of Teen Love Story, Teenage Drama Love Story is an attractive love simulation game for those who like romance. Follow the main characters, join their journey in the drama school and learn how to be a good actor. Find out your real value and talent!
Who do players choose: a handsome young actor and teacher or a thoughtful classmate? Be careful because only one wrong choice can easily pull you into a bad love story. Think carefully, and always remember that each of your answers affects your emotions, career and future! Immerse yourself in a dangerous and dramatic love story in Teenage Drama Love Story.
Outstanding features of Teenage Drama Love Story game for Android
·      Love or desire - it's time to understand your true feelings.

·      The charming and conceited teacher or his classmate always protects you - consider your moves carefully.

·      Boyfriends, friends, dramas, schools and everything comes with it.

·      Create beautiful pictures, dramatic twists and lots of romantic situations.

·      Feel free to choose your character's name, outfit and style.

·      Make love decisions and choose between two hot guys.

·      Change the story of the love triangle and wait to see what you get back.

·      Teenage Drama Love Story is an outstanding interactive game for both boys and girls.

·  The game is available in several languages: Polish, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Indonesian, Serbian, Russian and Arabic and you seek out more Android games at Game android phone
No one is immune to the annihilation of forbidden love stories! This new love simulation game will show the ideal male characters for you to choose to be a future lover in the virtual world. Whether it is a drama mentor, who will use tricks to make you fall in love, or a cute classmate who always supports you - the choice lies in the hands of the players. But one thing is certain: you will definitely fall in love with this fascinating love game.
Teenage Drama Love Story with a unique plot will gradually conquer players' hearts as they experience the adventures of characters in the drama school. You will feel like you are going through the inner struggle of the character in the game.
Discover new stories, flirt with guys and really live in dramatic love world. Download Teenage Drama Love Story, make wise choices on the way to discover your true love and wait for the happy ending of the story. Teenage Drama Love Story is a completely free game. Stressful and dramatic situations are always updated regularly.
All fans of romance and romance novels, do not hesitate to download the fascinating role-playing game designed in this dramatic and unpredictable teen love story. Write your own love story with Teenage Drama Love Story! Do not hesitate to download the game right now at Free apk download site at Top1apk. Have fun!
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