Commit 8ac080ca authored by Simon Welsh's avatar Simon Welsh

Adds plugins

[submodule "bundle/delimitMate"]
path = bundle/delimitMate
url =
[submodule "bundle/html5.vim"]
path = bundle/html5.vim
url =
[submodule "bundle/nerdcommenter"]
path = bundle/nerdcommenter
url =
[submodule "bundle/nerdtree"]
path = bundle/nerdtree
url =
[submodule "bundle/vim-eunuch"]
path = bundle/vim-eunuch
url = git://
[submodule "bundle/vim-javascript"]
path = bundle/vim-javascript
url =
[submodule "bundle/vim-hack"]
path = bundle/vim-hack
url = git://
[submodule "bundle/vim-json"]
path = bundle/vim-json
url =
[submodule "bundle/vim-sensible"]
path = bundle/vim-sensible
url = git://
[submodule "bundle/vim-speeddating"]
path = bundle/vim-speeddating
url = git://
[submodule "bundle/vim-surround"]
path = bundle/vim-surround
url = git://
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Subproject commit 38487bbec8ba50834e257940b357de03991fa8f9
Subproject commit ad41b4eb1612bd54d0b4dbe49206fc5114759dd1
Subproject commit 6549cfde45339bd4f711504196ff3e8b766ef5e6
Subproject commit 4f1e6ecb057fc0bac189171c1430d71ef25f6bb1
Subproject commit c856e5d649b9f87590aff66a84b930fce5793431
Subproject commit 0c16be7ad4aa5945fb326a3777ae2f40c9412281
Subproject commit f8122fd1caca68b2592553e43dad45b3dc445a06
Subproject commit 3029554ee1619f478fc5222bf4c6c08909b1be9c
Subproject commit 64aa12b07b0be90a8e98bc7be1b5faac4ac873a4
Subproject commit 23213428c4071f1ea7ffb7332a70c7b5f9324a3e
Subproject commit fa433e0b7330753688f715f3be5d10dc480f20e5
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