Update composer references

parent 24634fbe
......@@ -72,7 +72,6 @@ function foo() /*: SplObject*/;
This code is provided under the MIT (X11 variant) license. The full text of
which can be found in the [LICENSE.md](LICENSE.md) file.
<!-- Please keep these sorted alphabetically. -->
[build-image]: http://ci.91carriage.com/projects/1/status.png?ref=phpunit-4.8
[build-link]: http://ci.91carriage.com/projects/1?ref=phpunit-4.8
......@@ -81,4 +80,4 @@ which can be found in the [LICENSE.md](LICENSE.md) file.
[hhvm-irc]: http://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=hhvm
[issue-email]: mailto:issues@91carriage.com
[issues]: https://git.simon.geek.nz/91-carriage/phpunit-hhi/issues
[phpunit]: https://phpunit.de/
\ No newline at end of file
[phpunit]: https://phpunit.de/
......@@ -10,12 +10,13 @@
"extra": {
"branch-alias": {
"dev-master": "5.0.x-dev",
"dev-master": "5.1.x-dev",
"dev-phpunit-5.0": "5.0.x-dev",
"dev-phpunit-4.8": "4.8.x-dev"
"support": {
"issues": "https://git.simon.geek.nz/91-carriage/phpunit-hhi/issues",
"source": "https://git.simon.geek.nz/91-carriage/phpunit-hhi/tree/master"
"source": "https://git.simon.geek.nz/91-carriage/phpunit-hhi/tree/phpunit-4.8"
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