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      Add tests for the newly deprecated methods · 1a7cf66d
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      Merge branch 'hhi-tests' into 'master' · 5b2d00d5
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      Add test runner
      This is the groundwork required for #10. It adds support for testing a HHI project by adding a HHIT test file format similar to PHPT.
      It works by dumping the `FILE` section into a temporary file, running `hh_server --check` and checking the result against the other sections.
      The `PASS` section is a `0` or `1` for if the check should exit with errors (`0`) or not (`1`).
      The `ERRORS` section is a list of expected Hack errors of the format `error code:line number:message`. The error code and line number are the first ones reported for each error and the message is each individual line for the error concatenated using the string `. ` (a full stop followed by a space) with a final `.` appended to the error. All fields must match and no errors can be added/missed.
      See merge request !10
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      Composer update · d3bef74c
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      Merge branch 'master' into hhi-tests · 3e33f95e
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      Update HHI files to the current state of PHPUnit 5.4 · 7710e197
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      Updates CHANGELOG to match.
      See #12
  6. 17 Apr, 2016 3 commits
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      Add support for an ERRORS section · bda5ede7
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      The format is line:code:message. Message is each individual message for
      the one error, joined with full stops. The check compares the line
      numbers, codes and messages returned by hh_server with those in the test
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      Test that assertFalse and assertTrue accept mixed · 30278619
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      Simple test that expects to pass.
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      Add the framework for running a test · e40589b6
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      Follows a PHPT-esque style of test definition. At the moment, the only
      supported parts are FILE (required) and PASS (1 or 0, if set). The FILE
      part is written to a temp file, hh_server --check is run, then the file
      is deleted.
      PASS is currently checked based on the exit code of hh_server, with 0
      being passed, 1 being failed to typecheck and anything else being a
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