Commit eb04b564 authored by Simon Welsh's avatar Simon Welsh

Mark terminal methods as noreturn

The fail(), markTestIncomplete() and markTestSkipped() methods all cause
the current test case to stop running. Let the typechecker know this by
marking them as noreturn.
parent 314c106f
......@@ -460,9 +460,9 @@ abstract class PHPUnit_Framework_Assert {
): void;
// Test control
public function fail(string $msg = ''): void;
public function markTestIncomplete(string $message = ''): void;
public function markTestSkipped(string $message = ''): void;
public function fail(string $msg = ''): noreturn;
public function markTestIncomplete(string $message = ''): noreturn;
public function markTestSkipped(string $message = ''): noreturn;
// Constraints
public function anything(): PHPUnit_Framework_Constraint_IsAnything;
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