Hack wrappers for the super global request variables

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Hack wrappers for request-based super globals

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This package provides Hack wrappers for the $_GET, $_POST, $_REQUEST, $_COOKIE, $_FILES and $_SERVER super globals.

Quick start

A quick start guide is provided in the wiki


The easiest way to install this package is with Composer.

Manual installation simply involves downloading the provided source code and copying it into your repository.

Detailed installation steps are provided in the wiki.


Usgae information is provided in the wiki.


Issues can be submitted to the issue tacker.

If you are unable to create an issue through this, or think that it should not be publicly disclosed, they can also be emailed directly to issues@91carriage.com or brought to my attention on IRC, where I go by the handles simon_w and simon_w|air in the offical #hhvm channel on FreeNode.


Contributions are very welcome. Please make sure that you run hh_client in the source directory with assume_php=false in your .hhconfig and no errors are reported.

Code style

For Hack files, the coding style is enforced by the hh_format command, which is included with the Hack tools alongside hh_client.

All Hack files should be in strict mode. When a super global needs to be accessed, use a /* HH_FIXME */ comment to surppress the typechecker's errors.

For other files, the basic requirements are:

  • Lines are no more than 80 characters wherever possible.
  • Indentation is 2 spaces.
  • Unix-style (\n) line endings.


Documentation is provided in the wiki.


This code is provided under the MIT (X11 variant) license. The full text of which can be found in the LICENSE.md file.