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# DigitalOcean API wrapper for Hack
This is a set of classes and types written in [Hack][hack] that provides
wrappers for the [DigitalOcean][do] API.
## Installation
1. Clone this repostiroy
2. Include the `src/_91Carriage/Droplets/types.php` file
3. Set your PSR-0/2 autoloader to load the `_91Carriage/Droplets` namespace from
the `src/_91Carriage/Droplets` folder.
As everything is in the `_91Carriage/Droplets` namespace, that will not be
included in any class/type names throughtout the rest of this document.
## Usage
To retrive all your droplets, get an API key from the [DigitalOcean][do] console
then call `Droplet::get_all_droplets('YOUR_API_KEY')`. This will return a `Map`
from the droplet's name to its reprenestation in the API.
More functionality is coming soon.
## License
See the [license file][license] for the full text of the license this code is
released under.
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