Representation and API for DigitalOcean droplets.

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DigitalOcean API wrapper for Hack

This is a set of classes and types written in Hack that provides wrappers for the DigitalOcean API.


  1. Clone this repostiroy
  2. Include the src/_91Carriage/Droplets/types.php file
  3. Set your PSR-0/2 autoloader to load the _91Carriage/Droplets namespace from the src/_91Carriage/Droplets folder.

As everything is in the _91Carriage/Droplets namespace, that will not be included in any class/type names throughtout the rest of this document.


To retrive all your droplets, get an API key from the DigitalOcean console then call Droplet::get_all_droplets('YOUR_API_KEY'). This will return a Map from the droplet's name to its reprenestation in the API.

More functionality is coming soon.


See the license file for the full text of the license this code is released under.